Thomas Pearson-Green


HometownWashington D.C.
Year in SchoolSenior
Human Development and Family Studies
 January 28th


What was your life like before joining FS? Growing up in Washington D.C. I spent a lot of time hanging out in the White House. I  became pretty good friends with presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama. When I was a child  Slick Willie loved to play peek-a-boo with me, he would laugh so hard when I would say “peek-a-boo!”. Dubya and I would always have slumbies and watch Monsters Inc. but the Abominable Snowman would scare him. Barry O actually encouraged me to join FS but he was under the impression that it was a heavy metal band..


What is your claim to fame? I have touched the earlobes of over 250 people. Highlights include twelve professors, six foreign diplomats, 76 clowns and every member of the indie band Arcade Fire. The softest ear I ever touched was the Dali Lama.