Michael Trevis

Nickname: Trevy
Hometown: Lake Elmo, MN
Major: Film
Birthday: September 8

FS Solos: “Careful”, “Let Love In”, “What You Got” (whistle tone)

“I make unusual sounds… constantly. Also, for some reason, all of my other nicknames are inappropriate.”
~Michael Trevis

What are your favorite recorded a cappella tracks? “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Lookin’ For” by Hyannis Sound, “Take Me Home” by Tufts Beelzebubs (Porto’s the biggest fanboy of this one, though)

What are your favorite (non-UW) a cappella groups? Tufts Beelzebubs, Hyannis Sound, Bobby McFerrin, MIT Logarhythms, and others.

What was the first a cappella song you ever heard? Folgers Theme by Rockapella (Great song, super catchy, awful coffee)

What is your favorite (appropriate) FS memory? Probably all of the 2009 FS Winter Tour. Leaving the guys at the end of tour was heartwrenching, which was a surprise considering the fact that we had been forced to be together for an entire week straight.

What was the first song you ever performed with Fundamentally Sound? Uhmmm, that was a long time ago. I remember singing “Learn to Fly” in the Chadbourne (best dorm in Madison) Main Lounge. It’s very likely my first performance with the group was months earlier.

Have you ever won the Fundamentally Sound March Madness pool? What is the March Madness pool? Does it require swim trunks?

Who are your favorite singers? Currently (January 7, 2010 at 2:10 AM): Brandi Carlile, Susan Tedeschi, JJ Grey, Paul Simon, Eric Blumenfeld of Kinetix

What/who are your biggest musical influences? Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Derek Trucks Band, Trey Anastasio, Jonny Lang, Cannonball Adderley, Art Pepper, Steve Gadd

What was the first thing you thought when you made it into the group? “I’ve been hoodwinked!”


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