Lucas Rapisarda

Nickname: Rapidash
Hometown: Winnetka, IL
Major: BIRDS
Birthday: May 21

“I’m just your everyday average normal guy. I care a lot about helping other people, and I am very interested in looking into new ways to help make this planet more sustainable for future generations.”
~Lucas Rapisarda

What are your favorite recorded a cappella tracks? “Come Sail Away” (Tufts Beelzebubs), “Swingtown” (Fundamentally Sound)

What was the first a cappella song you ever heard? A jazz version of Blackbird, originally by The Beatles

What is your favorite part of college? Using Fire Spin on my opponents in battle.

What do you like to do in your free time? Soccer, biking, hiking, running, fishing, singing with Fundamentally Sound, partying with Fundamentally Sound…

What previous singing experience do you have? Started singing Italian love songs with my Grandma when I was four; the rest is history. Joined a choir in 4th grade. Performed in musicals. Sang in a vocal jazz choir for the last two years of high school.

Interesting Fact: In order to save gas, this past summer I biked over 1,000 miles en lieu of driving. Not only did was it economically smart, it gave me some nice thunder thighs.

What is your claim to fame? Over 500 Beanie Babies. Nuff’ Said

Describe an average day in the life of Lucas Rapisarda: Wake up, attend a multitude of dull and uninteresting classes, work at the dining hall, study for a multitude of dull and uninteresting classes, work out, and hit the hay.


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