Lee Stovall

Nickname: FundamentaLee
Hometown: New Richmond, WI
Joined FS: Fall 2005
Graduated From FS: Spring 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Education
Birthday: August 15

FS Solos: “Killin’ in the Name,” “Where did our love go?”

What is your favorite recorded a cappella track? “Purple Rain” by Basix. I’ve never heard a bigger wow moment come so quickly into a song, and it grows and develops from there. Definitely the first song to test a sound system with.

What are your favorite (non-UW) a cappella groups? Tufts Beelzebubs, N’harmonics, Hyannis Sound, Ithacappella, Firedrill, Voicemale

What is your favorite Fundamentally Sound memory? The group coming together in the beginning of ’08. This was the biggest turning point in the group’s history, as we developed a ton musically, created a mission statement, refined our look, went on our first tours, and basically became the FS that is still around today. A very close second to the spring show in ’08 with the audience dancing along to “Shout” as the encore.

What is the first song you performed with Fundamentally Sound? I don’t remember the order, but it was either “Save Tonight”, “Jessie’s Girl”, “You Don’t Miss Your Water”, “No Diggity”, or “In Your Eyes” at FS’s first gig, open mic at the Union!

Have you ever won the Fundamentally Sound March Madness pool? No, as music director I didn’t believe in free water breaks. No, honestly, I always do well until the sweet 16, and then it all falls apart.

What are you up to now? Teaching 5th-12th grade choir in Johnson Creek, WI. Doing freelance arranging and vocal coaching (Always looking for work! Hit me up at lee.d.stovall@gmail.com)


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