Jack Lee

Nickname: The Boss
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: History and Political Science
Birthday: April 15th

Jack is currently serving 2 years of mandatory military service for Korea, and will hopefully be returning to the group at the end of his service. We wish him the best of luck! -FS

“No Fatigue.”
~Jack Lee

What are your favorite recorded a cappella tracks? Hard To Say I’m Sorry (Az Yet), It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (Boys II Men), End of the Road (Boyz II Men), I’m Outta Love (Northwestern Purple Haze), Like a Star (Columbia Nonsequitur), Rolling in the Deep (John Legend cover)

What was the first a cappella song you ever heard? Hard To Say I’m Sorry (Az Yet)

What is your favorite Fundamentally Sound memory? When our group advanced to ICCA Semifinals at Northwestern University, and when we sang our group songs with our Alumni at our 2011 Spring Concert.

What was the first song you ever performed with Fundamentally Sound? Bombs Over Baghdad

What previous singing experience do you have? I sang in my school choir as a section leader, and had a chance to perform at Candlelight Processional at Epcot in Disney World. I am also currently the vocalist for a Korean rock band called Unikists at UW-Madison.

Interesting Fact: I cannot live without a day without a cup of Iced Americano, I am an alum of the only Naval military school in the United States, and I am the only Korean in any of Wisconsin’s a cappella groups.

What is your claim to fame? When I was a middle schooler, I was on the path to becoming a professional soccer goalie. I was a varsity soccer team captain in high school. Also, I used to trade stocks.

What do you do before a Fundamentally Sound performance to prepare? Make sure my shirt and pants are ironed, do my hair, drink plenty of water and chew gum to relieve my stress, do vocal warmups and practice songs for a bit.

Describe an average day in the life of Jack Lee: Wake up and Shower -> Get a large Iced Americano from Coffeebytes or Starbucks -> Go to classes -> eat chipotle ->Get a large Iced Americano -> work out -> go to rehearsal and get involved in other extracurricular activities -> Get a large Iced Americano -> listening to music and do homework and make a schedule for the next day -> go to sleep.


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