David Porto

Nickname: Masta P
Hometown: Johnston, IA
Joined FS: Fall 2005
Graduated FS: January 2011
Birthday: August 9

FS Solos: “This Love,” “This is Why We’re Hot,” “Apologize,” “What You Got,” “B.O.B.,” “All the Above”

“I’m Italian and the youngest of 5 children. I do have super powers”
~David Porto

What is your favorite a cappella track? “Take Me Home” – Tufts Beelzebubs

What is your favorite Fundamentally Sound memory? When we did “Apologize” at one of the New Richmond elementary schools, with each chorus, more and more kids started singing with me… simply amazing.

What was the first song you performed with Fundamentally Sound? “Save Tonight,” then “You Don’t Miss Your Water,” and then “In Your Eyes”… twas only those 3 at the first gig.

What was your audition like? Well, Vince sent me a Facebook message asking if I did VP, and I didn’t check it for a couple weeks…Long story short, I show up at Humanities saying that I am going to try out for VP, and Scott Hollander had already gotten into the group. So my audition consisted of me singing “Save Tonight” while people did the backup. Fun times.

Have you ever been President of Fundamentally Sound? Oh YEAH BABY!!!!!!!! 🙂


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