Chris Tiernan

Nickname: ChrisT
Hometown: El Segundo, CA
Joined FS: Fall 2009
Graduated from FS: Spring 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in History
Birthday: January 12

FS Solos: Never Say Never, Of Dust

“Are you ready for the second coming?”
~Chris Tiernan

What is your favorite recorded a cappella track? “Hallelujah” by the Freshman Fifteen, it was also one of the first a cappella songs I ever heard, and it is part of what got me interested in the a cappella genre.

What is the first a cappella song you ever performed? I performed an a cappella version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” with 11 part harmony in high school for a theater competition. It was awesome.

What is your favorite Fundamentally Sound memory? Producing the FS Airlines Fall Show (Dec. 3, 2009). Even though it was a lot of work and rather stressful, it was great to see the finished product, and all of the guys (and girl) that helped made the process a lot of fun.

What was the first song you ever performed with Fundamentally Sound? “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” (that was before I knew the song though. I was just standing in the back of the group moving my mouth) The first song I actually knew when I was performing it was “High and Dry.”

What was the first thing you thought when you found out you had made the group? “Am I actually being abducted right now?”


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