Luke Dutelle


Nickname: T-Rex

Hometown: Wauke$ha, WI

Year in School: Senior

Major: Music Education


“Hey guys!”

-Luke Dutelle

Who I am: I’m kind of weird, not gonna lie. I tell far too many dad jokes, and most of them make people want to punch a wall. That’s actually why I tell them. I hate walls.

What is your singing experience? I started singing about halfway through my Junior year of high school, then I just kinda got hooked. I was in a self-made a cappella group, did a couple musicals, and now I am at college learning how to teach music!

What would your superpower be? To never have to sleep.

What is your biggest accomplishment? I beat “Through the Fire and Flames” on expert. That’s when I knew I should start doing something else with my life, like singing… or cooking… or studying. Yea… studying.

Favorite A Cappella Song: Aladdin Medley by Vocal Spectrum

Zoo Animal: Snake