Daniel Viveros

1836869_251996204980993_240360304_o_Fotor_FotorHometown: Wauwatosa, WI

Year in School: Freshman

Major: TBA- if you got a good one, let me know

Birthday: June 3

Nickname: Daniel-san


Are you really a ninja master like from Karate Kid? As a tot I aspired to be a jedi master, but sadly my dreams never came to fruition.

Do you actually know what you’re doing on stage? Although the answer is definitely debatable, I’ve actually participated in my high school’s choir and musicals, as well as a bumpin’ show choir called Main Street

Favorite domesticated animal: pygmy goat

Favorite name for a pet pygmy goat: Joffrey

Do you have a favorite artist? It’s a nail-biting three way tie between The Head and The Heart, Imagine Dragons, and Fun. Picasso’s pretty good too.

Favorite Childhood memory: I jumped off a cliff into water once and didn’t die so that was pretty neat.