Austin Schopbach


Hometown: Grafton, WI

Year: Senior

Major: Biochemistry

Nickname: Stino

Previous singing experience: Vocal Jazz, Musicals, Chambers choir, Men’s choir, and other sorts of that variety

Favorite A Cappella Tracks? Swingtown(Fundementally Sound), The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (Straight No Chaser)


Interesting Fact: My huggableness is off the charts and I live my life closer to the ground than the average american

Claim to Fame: I once played Santa Claus in a play, so I am pretty cool and chubby

Zoo Animal: Prairie Dog

What is an average day in your life? I emerge from nocturnal hibernation, look at the clock, egress slowly from my bed, take longer to figure out what to wear than any man should, go to class, get into embarrassing situations while singing in public, trip over nothing, and then study to make the day well balanced.