“A moment you’ll never remember, and a night you’ll…” …… well, you’ll see.

Your favorite men in suspenders are proud to present our Spring Show: “A Night You’ll (Never) Forget”, at Shannon Hall (Memorial Union Theater) on April 1st. Prepare for a night of great music, fun videos, and, of course, dank memes. The show will include some Bruno Mars, Al Green, The Staves, and maybe some Jonas Brothers! Attending this show will also allow you to see the ICCA set that placed 3rd in the entire Great Lakes region! Tickets are only $12 for students ($15 for non-students) and can be purchased here: https://itkt.choicecrm.net/templates/UWIM/index.php?&event_ids=4089%2C0, or just find your friendly neighborhood FS member. Doors open at 7:00 and the show will begin at 7:30!

The boys of Fundamentally Sound are very proud of the work they have done this year, and we cannot wait to share it with our family, friends, and fans. Come see what the hype is about, and prepare to “forget” it all!